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Impending Irrelevance of SL
Since SL is now on life support, I won't be investing too much more time on it. At this point, I may get the scrolling working properly just because it's bothering me that it's taking so long. Otherwise, I'll consider a rewrite in WinRT once that's worthwhile.

Project Description
A SilverLight port of the Infinite Super Mario Brothers by Markus Persson.

You can try a Flash port here

Here's an example of the Java version (Youtube) with AI controlling Mario.

The intent is to get it to run under Wp7.

Current Status:
Shows the levels, sounds work.

Scrolling: now properly updates edges of the screen, however Mario still gets off the screen and the collision checking is obviously 2 tiles off.

Last stable build can be demo'd here

Screen shots:
map level
level 1

Current Push:
Scroll properly

Long-term Goals:

* Strong Refactor - Convert from the Java idioms to .NET/C# idioms so that code isn't as whacky. Normalize the dependencies between the objects to get a much cleaner break between assemblies- the original code is strongly coupled where it didn't need to be.
* Allow AI control of mario.
* Vectorize all of the graphics- take a performance load off the SL engine and allow for arbitrary scaling.
* Eliminate 320x240 dependencies and assumptions- allow for arbitrary scaling.

Build Notes:
You must get the WriteableBitmapEx project ( since a reference to "WriteableBitmapEx.dll" is used, before you try to build.

Feel free to use the discussions.

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